Kris Slays a Self-Doubtasaurus


Rob Brezsny’s  horoscope for my sign this week brought tears to my eyes.  I decided to illustrate my vision of the horoscope! If you don’t know me that well, fear and self-doubt paralyze me sometimes. I know deep inside I have great potential and a lot to give. I just have to slay the self-doubtasaurus!

Rob’s Gemini Horoscope: 
Are you up for an experiment? Not just on Halloween, but for a week afterwards, be scarier than your fears. If an anxious thought pops into your mind, bare your teeth and growl, “Get out of here or I will rip you to shreds!” If a demon visits you in a nightly dream, chase after it with a torch and sword, screaming “Begone, foul spirit, or I will burn your mangy ass!” Don’t tolerate bullying in any form, whether it comes from a critical little voice in your head or from supposedly nice people who are trying to guilt-trip you. “I am a brave conqueror who cannot be intimidated!” is what you could say, or “I am a monster of love and goodness who will defeat all threats to my integrity!”