If God can Make a Bug’s Butt Light Up, He Can Do Anything

This is an old blog of mine, but worth repeating.  I saw my first lightening bug of the season tonight.

Painting by: Jim Trolinger

May 23, 2010

I saw my first lightening bug tonight!!! I draw faith from the complex design of the lightening bug. I figure if a God can give light to the butt of a lowly bug, He can do just about anything. What if human’s butts lit up? Would we get plastic surgery to enhance the luminescence? People already get butt implants so what’s a little added light to the procedure? The song “Baby Got Back” might take on a whole new meaning if our butts lit up.  Obviously, there is a reason God didn’t light the butt.

Photography for me is like trying to eat soup with a knife, so I didn’t attempt to capture my first lightening butt sighting. Instead, I present to you an original painting by my dad. He painted this cartoon for me after I made my lightening bug faith epiphany known.

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