We Need a Beanotini Stat – Day 2

Day 2
Listening to: That Old Black Magic
Thought for the day: If you could bottle the feeling a child has on the last day of school, you could make a million. If you could bottle the feeling a teacher has on the last day of school, you could make a billion.

What the hell is that noise? Ahhh……. yes. It is the cacophony of thousands of students and teachers contributing noise to what is known as The Last Day of School Symphony.

Today I attended a party to help a group of beloved teachers contribute their noise to this annual sound.

While at the party, my friend Bo (hiding behind the red solo cup) had a few words for me concerning my first entry into the 365.

Bo: I read Day 1.
Me: Giggle.
Bo: I don’t think farts are funny.
Me. Ahhh…..so what you are saying is you think a fart is “the other F word.”
Bo: Yes. So don’t tell any fart jokes around me.
Me. Giggle. So. Did you hear about the fart that walked into the bar?

Conclusion? I’ve decided that you’re either a fart fan or you aren’t. There is no in between. With that said, I can’t make promises, but I”ll try not to stink up my 365 with too many discussions of gas. The 365 is going to drink a Beanotini…………shaken not stirred.

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