Christmases with My Congressman – Day 6

Photo taken on Memorial Day 2012 at Old Hickory Veterans Memorial Park by Phyllis Williams.  Left:  Kris Brummett  Right:  Congressman Jim Cooper (D) 


Day 6
Listening to: All You Need is Love
Thought for the day: 209 days until Christmas……. 205 days until the cards HAVE to be sent…..I’m looking at you Cooper communication team!

This is Jim Cooper, my U.S. Representative. He hails from the city of my birth, Shelbyville, Tennessee. He scares the poo out of me, but not for the reasons you might think.

With a father who was once governor of my state and a mother whose name everyone knew in my family realm, I knew who Mr. Cooper was long before he began his ascent into politics.

For as long as I can remember, he sent my Granny Sally a Christmas card. Each year, upon its arrival, she would ceremoniously place the card in a very prominent place and scotch tape the crap out of it. That baby wasn’t going anywhere. Everyone KNEW Jim Cooper had sent Sally a card. I got to where I would ask her, “Granny, have you received the Cooper’s card yet?” Jim Cooper was a big damn deal. Yep. So these days, any time I’m sharing air with Cooper, which seems to happen a lot, I am attacked by Stupidzilla, conqueror of rational thought. I can’t help it. I grew up seeing him as that perfect looking politician on the Christmas card that my Granny Sally adored. Some day I’ll get over it. Some day I’ll tell him I grew up watching his family and career grow via Christmas cards. Until then…….

My Granny Sally is still alive, but has severe dementia and is blind. I miss her. I wish she could see this picture. She’d tape it over the Cooper’s Christmas card and proceed to tell everyone she knew that her granddaughter had rubbed elbows with a Cooper. It would matter to her and that matters to me.

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