The Bohemian College Hippy Gene – Day 7

Day 7
Listening to: Forever Young
Thought for the day:
Happy 21 Wes!

It’s difficult to look into the pale innocent eyes in this picture and accept that my baby boy can now go into a bar and toss back a few brews. Life has gobbled up the years like a caveman who hasn’t eaten for a week.

The last time I saw Wes was Mother’s Day weekend. The Saturday night before “my day,” he came over and we watched chick flicks together. At some point the following dialogue occurred:

Wes: I don’t wash my hair much anymore.
Me: Ewwwwwwwww

I then started studying the back of the couch where he was sitting strategizing about how I might blow torch the grease off. An hour or so later, while I was still obsessing over his hair, he got up and went to the bathroom.

Wes: Can I use your hairbrush?
Me: Wait. What? You just told me you don’t wash your hair and now you’re asking to use my hairbrush? Really?

I told my Dad about this conversation and he said, “I was the same way in college. One time it got so bad, my brother (who roomed with him) called my mom and begged her to get me to take a shower and change clothes.” I guess male bohemian college hippiness runs in the fam……………. it took me 21 years to find out!

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