Shut Down the Tootsie Roll Factory and I’ll Haunt You! Word. – Day 28

Day 28
Listening to:  I Can See Clearly Now
Thought for the day:  What might cause you to haunt the Earth after you’re gone………… if you could haunt that is.

In the early 1800s, Dr. John Livingston Hadley and his lovely bride, Amelia,  built themselves a nice little crib on the banks of the Cumberland River in Old Hickory, Tennessee.  The home, named Vaucluse, was a pre-TV Homes of the 1800s Rich and Famous.  It was a beast of a house.   The home no longer exists (travesty).  It was replaced a long time ago with loud belching pumps, pipes, and machinery.  But guess what?  The family hasn’t left the land.  They are buried in a family cemetery that lies peacefully on the side of a hill near the DuPont facility.  DuPont has taken care of the Hadley cemetery for 80+ years now.   For an almost 200 year-old cemetery…………she looks good.

So why does this matter?  Occasionally a Hadley descendent will pop up and want to visit their family.  When they do, DuPont rolls out the red carpet.  Today, I got to play tour guide to the great great great grandson of Dr. Hadley and Amelia.  Meet Joshua Brown.

Mr. Brown and I talked extensively about history.  I got overexcited a time or two and probably told him some wrong facts as I’m prone to do.  He didn’t seem to notice or try to correct me.  Of course I didn’t try to pass Andrew Jackson off as the 16th president either.  One of my favorite discussions with Mr. Brown was about ghosts.  We both agreed that if any of the Hadleys had come back to haunt the land it would be Amelia.  John and Amelia had 13 children.  Out of those 13, only 2 survived past the age of 23.  The other 11 died between the ages of 1 and 20.  It’s tragic.  It’s incomprehensible.  And if it happened to me, I’d be a haunter.     Y’all don’t have to worry though.  I’ve stopped at 2 children.   I’m only likely to haunt now if they shut down the Tootsie Roll factory.  Word to the wise man.

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