“Carpe Diem” Does Not Mean “Fish of the Day”

Day 29
Listening to: Game 5
Thought for the day: “Carpe Diem” does not mean “fish of the day.” ~Author Unknown

It’s Thursday which means the parking lot where I work looks more like a boat dealership on steroids than a place for employeesto park. Every Thursday, the mechanics that I work with cast their lines after work to see who can catch the most fish by weight. They take it very seriously.

This morning when I walked into the mechanic’s shop, Cliff the mechanic came at me with his hand in a fist seeking a bump.

Cliff: “Bump me KB.”

I obeyed and fist bumped Cliff.

Me: “Why am I fist-bumping you?”

Cliff: “I need good luck so I’ll win the fishing tournament tonight. You’ll bring me good luck.”

Me: “So what you’re saying is you just sucked all my luck out?”

Cliff: “Well…… YES.”


We both were laughing when another mechanic who had heard pieces of the conversation plowed in and said, “What’s a luck licker?”

In the name of propriety, Cliff and I both walked away quickly.

I’m pretty sure I work in a TV sitcom.

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