Panties Bouquets for Everyone! – Day 30

Day 30
Listening to: King’s Speech Soundtrack *sigh*
Thought for the Day: Friends are like a mean-ass bouncer at the door to depression. ~KB herself

I’m growing a new flower in my yard. It’s called the pantiesclandestinum, or simply, panties flower.

My dryer has been broken since February. You are looking at one of the hazards of hauling clothes back and forth to the laundromat. I could have easily dropped a t-shirt, sock, or skirt, but noooooooooo I had to drop the panties. I bet my neighbors were all like, “why are there panties in Kris’s yard?” followed by a surge of hope in a change in my marital status.

Well guess what? I dried clothes at the laundromat for the last time this morning! A good friend fixed my dryer for me. Words cannot express my gratitude. I would send him a bouquet of panties flowers, but I don’t think it would be prudent.

I have flirted with Mr. Depression all week, but just when he started to open the door a friend either showed extreme compassion or made me laugh hard enough to blow milk out of my nose. I’d be lost without friends. What the hell. Panties bouquets for everyone!

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