The Unbelievable Eleven Freaking Percent – Day 33

Day 33
Listening to: Kyrie Eleison
Thought for the day:  “This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.” -Franklin DelanoRoosevelt

Today I stumbled across this telegram from 1943.  My jaw dropped in gobsmacked-awe-dom.   The telegram congratulates the employees of the DuPont-Rayon facility in Old Hickory, Tennessee for voluntarily donating on average 11% of their pay to the war bonds program.  ELEVEN FREAKING PERCENT.   In addition to the war bond program, these same employees dumped even more money into an early version ofUnited Way.   There are many reasons the WWII generation is called “The Greatest Generation.” This is one of them.  I don’t see them being usurped from this designation any time soon.

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