Day 59
Listening to: After the Love Has Gone
Thought for the day:  “Life is great. Cheese makes it better.” ― Avery Aames

NO.  A snowman did not poop in my refrigerator.    This, my friends, is fresh mozzarella.  If you’ve been following my 365, you know fresh mozzarella makes me insane.  Fling a margherita pizza in front of me with fresh mozzarella and you can have your way with me……. not really……….but I might try to stab you with a fork if you ask me to share (despite the lessons of my father).

After my last experience with fresh mozzarella at Sunset Grill, I decided I needed to investigate and find out how to obtain the illusive “fresh mozzarella”.   I have never bought fresh mozzarella.  I didn’t know fresh mozzarella existed.  I thought the only way you could buy mozzarella was pre-shredded in the crap cheese section of the local grocery store.  What can I say?   I’m a cooktard.  So yeah, I’m thinking if I learn how to cook AND wear high heels while doing it………..well…………

Anyway………today was the day.  I found fresh mozzarella, bought it, and carried it home like it was treasure.  For dinner, I ate melted fresh mozzarella with home-grown tomatoes.  MOZZAMATOGASM!

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