Miss Kitty & the Kitty Hoarding Brigade – Day 61

Day 61
Listening to: Every Breath You Take
Thought for the day: People that hate cats will come back as mice in their next life. ~Faith Resnick

As a single middle-aged woman I have a fear that I’ll grow old alone, refuse to throw away Tootsie Roll wrappers, and start collecting stuff………..like cats. Meet Miss Kitty. She was thrown from a car pregnant. If Pearl (my dog) did not have a penchant for cat canapés, Miss Kitty would be at my house right now. I met Miss Kitty at the Pet Smart this weekend. I don’t understand the piece of shit people who toss animals from cars. Thank God there are those who care about the Miss Kittys of this world.

I think many middle-aged single women share my fears. My fears, however, are intensified by an experience I had a long time ago. The year after I divorced (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), I moved into a very small house next to a 70-ish year-old woman whose house was in extreme disrepair. I never thought anything of it. She wore a wig that was always half-way on her head, she smelled of urine, and she always had the rouge circles on her cheeks…………….but I liked her. She was sweet. Several of the uppity long-time residents said to me, “Stay away from her. She’s an alcoholic. She’s Crazy.” BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I helped her as much as I could, but I never went in her house. Then, one day, I woke up to see fire engines, news cameras, and cop cars outside her house. Turns out, she was an EXTREME hoarder. She made those people on the TV show look like amateurs. I never knew. It was so bad that she had, like 20, dead animal carcasses in her house and trash piled up to the ceiling. They carted her off to some mental facility and I never saw her again. I am terrified of becoming her.

Sometimes I think as long as I have a big dog who hates mailmen, visitors, and cats, I won’t become that next door neighbor. I mean, there’s no room in my house to collect anything. The hair I sweep up daily from Pearl is enough to supply a small toupee’ factory!

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