Bear Bonding, Deconstructed Stuffed Mushrooms, & a Cat’s Rebuttal – Day 66

Day 66
Listening to: That’s What I Like About You
Thought for the day:  I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons. ~Will Rogers

Abby, my BFF from high school, invited me to her house tonight to celebrate her husband Mark’s birthday. Abby did not inform me that she had invited a couple who owns a catering business and that they were bringing hors d’oeuvres that would turn me into a cookie-blue monster the way anger turns Dr. Bruce Banner into the Hulk. The caterer couple brought “deconstructed stuffed mushrooms” which consisted of mushrooms, smoked tenderloin, and some type of smack yo mamma good cheese all piled into a little delicate pastry. I ate a few. Then I ate some more. At one point, I started having vivid fantasies of opening my mouth like Cookie Monster and shoving the mushrooms, platter and all, inside a big gaping black hole, crumbs dusting the ground like early-winter snowflakes. By the time I picked up the mushroom that is in my hand in this picture, I was trying to be discreet. I snuck off into a vacant room to relish the moment. That’s when Bear, Abby’s dog (also seen in picture with the treasured mushroom), busted me. Look at that face. How could I not share? So, I gave Bear a piece of my pastry. Suddenly, I was human again. Abby walked in a moment later. I tried to hide my transgression of feeding Bear human food, but couldn’t. She scolded me. I looked back at Bear who was doing me proud in how he was savoring the moment. It was worth the scolding I took. Bear and I are now BFFs. We bonded over deconstructed mushrooms.

Shout out to “The Chef and I” for helping to eliminate the memory of the McDonald’s I had consumed earlier in the day. In the fall they will be opening a chef-interactive-type restaurant that sounds really cool. I’m sure you’ll hear more from me about them. Check them out! or

A “rebuttal” from “the cat”……
via Bear & the cat’s owner, Abby  

I get locked up in the bedroom during the party because “I am a danger to others” and that dog, which some humans believe is from a breed “too dangerous to live”, is BLOGGED about because he ate a treat. And you wonder why I attack you. -Alice

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