How to Make a Redneck NFL Football Jersey – Day 119

Day 119
Listening to: Girls on Film
Thought for the day: You say duck tape. I say duct tape. Let’s call the whole thing off.

Vince Young jersey – $7.56
Hot Pink duct/duck tape – $3.00
Sharpie – $1.00
Redneck Titans Jersey – PRICELESS

If you don’t know, my two best friends from high school (Sabrina and Abby) along with some new friends have set out to make me a football fan. My focus is the Tennessee Titans.

Each week, Sabrina has been giving me assignments intended to grow my inner fan fanatic. This week, one of my assignments was to find a Vince Young jersey. If you don’t know who Vince is, he is a former Tennessee Titan who has been in the news for blowing through $26 million in 6 years. The current Titans quarter back (Jake Locker) has the same number as Vince. When I started the “Make Kris a Fan” effort, my coworkers advised me to be careful when I bought a jersey. They said, “Make sure the jersey says LOCKER on the back and not “YOUNG.” Sabrina said, “NO WAY! You HAVE to buy a Vince Young jersey! You just have to put duct/duck tape over Vince’s name and write LOCKER on the tape. It’s the redneck thing to do!” I went to three stores tonight including Goodwill to complete Sabrina’s assignment. I found the jersey at Marshall’s.

I know some of you will think this effort of mine is off the charts in terms of silliness. Here is the thing. I am going on my second year of being an empty nester. During the first year, I was in a bit of denial and it really didn’t occur to me just how alone I am. This year, the big fat ass cheeks of loneliness sat on me HARD. Oddly enough, both of my best friends from high school have re-entered my life. Because of the “Make Kris a Fan” effort, I have seen them both more in the past month than I have in the past 5 years combined. Neither of them have a clue how grateful I am for their friendship. The timing is a divine intervention.

Stay tuned! There is more to come! Kris is gonna get her groove back! Sunday, Sabrina and I will go to a Titans game and attempt to buy tickets from a scalper (unless one of you has a good deal for me). Hilarity will most likely ensue.

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