My Dog, the Sommelier – Day 125

Day 125
Listening to: Moon River (RIP Andy Williams)
Thought for the day: “Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness…” – Richard Bach

Pearl wanted to show you what a friend of mine left on our doorstep today. She says this wine has a beautiful bouquet. She can smell it through the cork you know (we didn’t open it tonight). I’m going to start calling her Vanna White Pearl if y’all keep giving me stuff.

I’m having a bad week. Monday was the worst. It sucked like a caveman catfish vacuuming up its first meal on the bottom of the lake. I cried a lot. I know. It is difficult to believe I could be sad considering how wonderful my weekend was. Nothing went right on Monday. In fact a few things went horribly awry. I’m not particularly fond of this time of year anyway, but it’s like Monday poked a hole in my Sunday gas tank of happiness. A very good friend of mine witnessed my struggle. There is no doubt in my mind this friend cares about me. Despite this fact, the friend left me a bottle of wine on my front porch today………….. a simple gesture to remind me they care. I’ve witnessed more than once during the past week the definition of what a friend should be. I’m probably beginning to sound like a broken record here, but thank God for the quality of friends I have!

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