The Wine Glass Chandelier – Day 154

Day 154
Listening to: World Series Game 1
Thought for the day: This World Series has the best names! Posey, Scutaro, Prince Fielder, Verlander, Zito. It’s like a freaking Jane Austen book about baseball!

Wednesday Night Dinner Club – Mirko – 1520 Demonbreun (Music Row)

Hey! It’s a wine glass chandelier. How cute is this? The chandelier hangs in Mirko. I own 3 wine glasses. If this bad boy was in my house, I’d probably be borrowing a glass from it regularly! Tonight the WNDC ventured to the Italian eatery, Mirko. From its handmade pastas to its large variety of sauces, this place is stone cold legit EYE-TALIAN! I highly recommend it.

Here’s the thing. This place is on Music Row, home to all of the big dog music publishing companies. As I was leaving, a bevy of musicians were lined up on the sidewalk giving an informal concert. Their voices were golden. There is no doubt in my mind each one of them harbored a secret intense desire to be discovered. It was at this moment I thanked God I cannot sing. To live here and have some unseen force pushing me to make the big time would have to be painful. Truth is I don’t even have the desire to be an accomplished writer. I probably need to change that. Where does that shit come from? (Pardon my language, but I have no other word at this moment.)

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