Breaking Sock Rules – Day 157

Day 157
Listening to:  Fat Bottomed Girls
Thought for the day:  How many candles should I light to emulate a fireplace?

I awoke this morning to a gray sky and a cold breeze out of the north harking of the arrival of winter.  My immediate thought was, “I need a fireplace.”  As my day comes to a close all I can think is, “I need a fireplace.”   In between my bookend “I need a fireplace” moments, I wore these socks………….. and these sandals…………… and I broke every fashion rule between here and the old man wearing black dress socks, polyester shorts, and tennis shoes.   My feet, however, could care less that we are fireplace-less.   That is the point of it all.

I posted my socked sandaled feet on Instagram.  Immediately, one of my male friends who has been working with me on my self-confidence messaged me and  simply said, “We need to talk about your socks. They seem a little Christina Ricci a la “The Ice Storm.”   He then told me to burn them.   My response?  I DON’T HAVE A FIREPLACE!

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