YooHoo, Bee Gees, and the Election – Day 167

Day 167
Listening to:  How Deep is Your Love
Thought for the day:  A goodbye isn’t painful unless you’re never going to say hello again.


It is difficult for me to go through a presidential election without thinking about the 2004 election.   When I arrived at work, my coworker, and very good friend, had not arrived yet.  He was ALWAYS there before me.  I assumed he had gotten stuck in an election line.  I had been sitting at my desk for about an hour puzzling over my coworker’s absence when one of the top managers came into the office.  The words that came out of his mouth cut through my core.  My coworker had died suddenly overnight.  My heart broke. The previous day when he was leaving, he made a big deal of saying goodbye to me.  I was in a pissy mood and waved him off barely acknowledging his departure.  This event changed me.  I rarely take a goodbye for granted anymore.

My coworker and I use to joke about what ritual we wanted the other to do if either of us should suddenly die.  For him, the ritual was to go to his grave, listen to the Bee Gees, and drink a YooHoo.  That’s what I did today (after I voted of course).  Here’s to you J.O.

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