Angels, Fairies, and Cousins…..oh my…. Day 176

Day 176
Listening to:  Holiday Road
Thought for the day:  I’m not THAT kind of angel. ~Michael


Some days Facebook makes me want to punch something.  Then there are the days it makes me laugh.  Other than getting to see what my children are up to in their college lives, one of my favorite things about Facebook is getting to watch my cousin’s lives unfold.   I’m talking first cousins, second cousins, and even third cousins.  Typically, I get depressed looking at their happy lives.   That was not the case this week.   For some reason, this week, I slowed down and really looked at some of the photos they were posting.  EPIPHANY!   In every single photo, I could see a shadow of at least one of my four grandparents whether it be the eyes, jaw, smile, or overall demeanor.  It was absolute magic!   God, I love family.  I immediately shared my epiphany with the Facebook world.  Laura, the wife of one of my first cousins, commented that she thought her daughter resembled me.  So, today’s photo is a photo of her daughter next to a photo of me around the same age.  We are without a doubt related and I see my grandparents in us both!

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