Engineering a Halo is Tricky Business – Day 181

Day 181
Listening to: Hark the Herald Angel Sing
Thought for the day: Engineering a halo is tricky business.

Ingredients for a Halo

2 wires
1 headband
1 cup of compassion
2 cups of light
10 cups of love

Bend 1 wire into a circle. Attach a second straight wire to the circle. Wrap the end of the wire not attached to the circle around the headband. Wrap the tinsel around the wire. Mix the compassion, light, and love and then sprinkle generously over the entire halo.

When I was in kindergarten, my teacher announced around Thanksgiving we were going to do a nativity scene-based play for Christmas. I feverishly wanted to be Mary. It was not to be. I was relegated to the angel brigade. I scoffed. One of my angel friends (there were 3 of us) convinced me that being an angel was a bigger deal. I bought it hook line and sinker and embraced the importance of angelhood with serious intent. My mom made my costume………………….and the halo. I have no doubt she sprinkled it with compassion, light, and love. I wore the halo long after the play was over and until it fell apart. These days I try to wear a metaphorical halo every day. It doesn’t always work out. I made a real halo this week to serve as a symbolical reminder.

Thank you Lori Nutt Browning (one of my kindergarten co-angels) for reminding me of this wonderful childhood experience. I don’t remember who convinced me that it was better to be an angel than Mary, but it is entirely possible it was Lori.


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