Zebras and Peeping Toms – Day 179

Day 178
Listening to: Great is Thou Faithfulness
Thought for the day: Gosh that takes me back… or is it forward? That’s the trouble with time travel, you never can tell. ~Dr. Who

A few weeks ago, while I was walking Pearl, she decided to stop in front of this house. It was built in 1918 to house one of the upper-level managers of the gunpowder plant built in Old Hickory, Tennessee to supply munitions to the Allied forces during WWI. This photo was taken ~1940 (the house looks a bit different today). While Pearl was poking through the leaves for kitty Roca, I looked in the front window (from the side walk mind you). The photo that was hanging over the fireplace looked similar to the photos that were taken by a photographer hired by DuPont to document the construction of the gunpowder plant (the photos are a distinct size). I, along with a friend of mine, have been trying to locate these photos. They are scattered to the four corners of the planet. I started asking around to find out the name of the occupant of the house so I could ask about the photo. I found a name and an email address. Risking being called a Peeping Tom-ette, I emailed him. He promptly responded and attached a copy of the photo hanging over his fireplace. The photo over the fireplace is a photo of African zebras…………. not 1918, Old Hickory. ONLY ME! I ended up sending him this photo as a peace offering. That was several weeks ago.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting zebra photo man. The minute he started talking, a strong and beautiful German accent fell out of his mouth. Immediately, I started thinking. In 1918 Old Hickory, German spy paranoia was intense. People were regularly detained and questioned for suspicions of being a German spy. Zebra photo man would have been skewered. How cool is it that a German lives in a house built specifically to house a worker of a gunpowder facility built for a war against his country? What if he falls into a worm hole into 1918? I should probably warn him not to speak should he wake up in his house in 1918? Maybe I could go rescue him. I think I have the makings of a book.

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