Only I Could Screw Up An Act of Kindness

Day 212
Listening to: The Tide is High
Thought for the day: Ran into an old friend tonight who hugged me not once, but twice………..and they were grade A hugs. He has no clue how bad I needed those hugs. HUG A FRIEND!

My bff, Sabrina, convinced me to join the 26 Acts of Kindness effort in honor of the victims killed in Sandy Hook Elementary (I’m a bit torn over the mother not being included in this count)…………. anyway. I started a few days ago and am well into my 26 Acts of Kindness. Today, I had an opportunity fall into my lap. One of my neighbors posted on our neighborhood Facebook page a request of help for a family in need. The instructions were to put a donation toward the cause in the little tin container (today’s photo) on the front porch of the house of the person collecting money. EASY PEASY. I swung by and crammed my money in the container.

Later in the day, I went to Aldi’s to buy a ham. I got behind a woman in the check-out line whose total bill was $2.34. Her bank card wouldn’t work in the card reader. She frantically tried several times. I was thinking, “YES!!! I CAN HELP!” I offered to pay her $2.34. She declined. I offered again. She declined. I offered again. She declined. I started getting pissed. Then I thought, “ONLY I COULD SCREW UP TRYING TO BE NICE!!! I AM GOING TO BE THE FIRST PERSON TO GET ARRESTED FOR TRYING AN ACT OF KINDNESS! “

The whole incident made me think. It’s so easy to use money to accomplish the 26 Acts of Kindness. I want to find ways that don’t necessarily involve money. I’m considering standing on a corner with a sign offering hugs. What do you think?

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