Day 244
Listening to:  It Had to Be You
Thought for the day: The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one. ~ Oscar Wilde

Last week, one of my close friends who is at the top of the executive ladder of a company that shares real estate with my own employer on the Fortune 500 list asked me if I was happy in my job.  It was a simple question.  I couldn’t answer and he called me out on it. I love the people, but the job……… no.  My perspective is that in this economy no one can put happiness as the number one priority when it comes to a job.  It has been haunting me. In truth, I have settled. Last night I dreamed that a top DuPont executive put a bag over my head and paraded me in front of a crowd of strangers shouting, “SHE IS ASLEEP PEOPLE!” like I was an English Serf who had blasphemed Henry the VIII.  OFF WITH HER HEAD FOR NOT CHASING HER DREAM!  I awoke feeling shitty and went to work that way.

At one point, my manager walked into my office and asked me to type something for him (this is not normal).  I was in no mood to be anyone’s secretary. Numbly and without expression, I took the paper from him.  He left.  Anger set in and I wanted to chase after him and tell him to type it his effing self.  But I didn’t.  I typed.  After about 20 minutes of struggling to get my fingers to let go of the bad attitude, I finished. When I clicked on save, my screen went completely white (today’s photo) and then my computer crashed.   Basically, karma kicked my ASS.  I lost every bit of what I had typed.   I just sat there staring at the white screen trying to get a grip.  Reason eventually returned to me and I retyped the document with success.

Moral of the story?  She who cannot tolerate a reasonable amount of boredom doesn’t have enough money to buy Tootsie Rolls at the end of the day.

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