Grumpy Cat Invades a Dog’s World

Day 246
Listening to: Rock Me Amadeus (it’s Mozart’s birthday)
Thought for the day:  “Our riches, being in our brains, die with us…unless of course someone chops off our head, in which case, we won’t need them anyway.”  -W. A. Mozart

Is Pearl

  1. Pouting over the rising popularity of Grumpy Cat?
  2. Doing her best impersonation of Grumpy Cat?
  3. Experimenting with techniques revealed in Grumpy Cat’s book “How to Lose Friends, Influence People, and Not Give a F**k”?
  4. Reminiscing about the gas she experienced after eating an entire chocolate cake when she was a pup (it is National Chocolate Cake Day after all)?

NONE OF THE ABOVE…….. well maybe 4.  Pearl just doesn’t like to have her photo made. She is not amused.  I have figured out the flash bothers her.  Every time she hears the bllllaaaiiing sound my camera makes when I turn it on, she protests.  I didn’t do much today except sit on the couch with Pearl and watch the Housewives of This and the Housewives of That.   Come to think of it, maybe my choice of TV viewing is why Pearl is REALLY looking like grumpy dog.

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