Hey baby, you may be frozen, but you sure warm me…….

Day 250
Listening to: Separate Ways
Thought for the day: So long January. Please bring my teacher friends school debilitating snow on your last day!

Snowman/woman Pickup Lines & Personal Ads (WARNIG: this may be a bit risqué )

My teacher friends are seriously Jones-ing for a snow day. With snow in the forecast, I want to help!!! I’m not turning my pajamas inside out or doing any kind of snow dance for you guys. Instead, I thought I’d provide a list of what a snowman/woman might post as a personal ad/pickup line on the winternet. The photo? It’s from two years ago. Yes, I made the snowwoman. My pickup line at the time? SWSW (single white snow woman) ISO (in search of) SWSM (single white snow man) who likes long walks in the woods, Air Supply, and sipping wine by the refrigerator light.

Ready? Here we go. Buckle up.

SWSM ISO SWSW who likes long sits on a snow-covered lawn and candles-less dinners.

SWSW ISO SWSM: Carrot size matters. Let’s keep it cool.

SWSM ISO SWSW with big snow cones and snow bank. BABY GOT BANK!

SWSM ISO SWSW: I will make you melt. Put me in your bed and you’ll wake up wet.

PICKUP LINE: Hey baby, you may be frozen, but you sure warm me!

PICKUP LINE: I definitely am made of snowflakes because I’ve fallen for you. (Cue the groans)

PICKUP LINE: Once you go yellow, you never try another snow fellow.

I guess I should stop. There ya go! I hope I don’t jinx my teacher friend’s chances. I misspelled jinx last night (ginx instead of jinx). I figure a jinx who is just a ginx is a super duper jinx. So maybe tonight if I’m jinxing you it’s a little jinx instead of a ginormous ginx.

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