You Did What in the Sink?

Day 270
Listening to:  I Believe in Miracles
Thought for the day: You did what in the sink?

Wednesday Night Dinner Club:  The Southern


If you’re a fan of the Loveless Café, then you’ll love this place.  It’s as if the Loveless Café’ moved uptown and became sophisticated.  The Southern is owned by the same peeps.  I mostly noshed on happy hour food (oysters-slurp-yum) and other appetizers.  In my estimation the coolest thing on this menu is the “choose your own steak size” option.  Each night, they feature a different cut of steak.  You get to go back into the kitchen and show the chef how much you want and you pay the market price per pound.  So if you’re Fred Flintstone, HOLLLA…………  Steakasaurus Rex the size of Texas.

Today’s photo was taken in the bathroom.  This photo isn’t about me although I’m in it. I’m standing in front of the sink.  Do you notice anything different?  THERE IS NO SINK-HOLE-PLACE-THINGY!!!! I have to be careful here or someone will toss out the “that’s what she said” comment.   This sink is cool and all, but sinks are not just for washing your hands.  I’m not going to take this blog down that road, but those of you who know what I’m talking about…………….. KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.  A SINK CANNOT BE FLAT!!!!

In the end, The Southern is now one of my faves, slightly behind Eastland Café and City House.


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