What the Hell? A Little Lint For Lent!

Day 272
Listening to: The Reflex
Thought for the day: My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. —Erma Bombeck


Day 9 Lent Assignment: Do someone else’s chore

To accomplish today’s assignment, I headed to the maintenance shop where I work. All the characters listed below are mechanics in the maintenance shop.

Me: Cliff, do you have a chore I can do?
Cliff: What the Hell?
Me: No, this isn’t about Hell, this is about God. (I then explained my Lent assignment).
Cliff: Well, you can sweep the tool storage area (aka “The Crib”).
Me: Perfect! Where’s the broom?

Cliff handed me the broom and I started sweeping.

Jim walks in and sees me sweeping: WHAT THE HELL?
Me: This is about God, not Hell (I explain Lent).
David walks in and sees me: WHAT THE HELL?
Me: Dude! Not about Hell! About God!
Chris walks in and sees me: WHAT THE HELL?
Me: Okay, what the Hell? Can’t a girl just do a little work for God?
Cliff: Hey KB! I didn’t realize The Crib was this dirty! (Points to the floor) Now THAT is some lint for Lent. Thanks for sweeping for me!
Me: Thanks for helping me fulfill my duty to God!

This Lent assignment thing is turning out to be an adventure. Photo is of Cliff helping me sweep up the lint for Lent.

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