The Double Chin Cover-Up Shot

Day 302
Listening to: A Little Help From My Friends
Thought for the day: Your encouragement may be the only good thing someone receives. Be aware of who God puts in your path. Nobody is there by accident. ~Joel Olsteen


Someone that I shared a ton of mutual friends with but only knew through Facebook died this weekend. I’ve watched him pour out his struggles via Facebook status updates over the past year. Several times I have started to reach out to him, but withdrew every time. I have regrets. Thus, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching today. I ache for my friends who knew him.

The experience makes me want to be a better person and friend. Typically, I don’t answer my phone but when my caller ID told me David was calling today something inside me knew I had to answer. He knows I don’t answer my phone, so he sounded beyond shocked when I said hello. Turns out he was stranded at the airport without a ride home. He’d exhausted his options and I was his last chance to get home. There was no hesitation on my part. I went and picked David up and took him home. His gratitude washed over me like a tsunami comforting my inner turmoil. The win/win of it all is I had a very enjoyable time catching up with him on the ride home. Of course a photo was obligatory. He was worried about his double chin showing up in the photo, so we did a double chin cover-up photoshoot!!!

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