While you Were Drinking Ospritinis……

Day 306
Listening to: Ooh Child
Thought for the day: This here is the living area, where we does our living, and this is the dining area, where we does our dining, and this is the kitchen area… ~ George Jefferson


There are two Osprey couples that make their home on my employer’s land every spring in two very visible nests. My friend and coworker Brian White, aka the bird whisperer, aka the guy behind this beautiful photo, always check in with each other when the Ospreys arrive every year. I had named them Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty. Brian had named them Fred, Ethel, Lucy, and Desi.

For years, we’ve watched them return to the same nests. Occasionally (but rarely) a bad storm would obliterate a nest while the Ospreys were away for the winter. They’d always return and rebuild in the same exact spot. One of the nests is on a large tower that hosts a security camera and overlooks the lake. The other nest was on a large tank a short distance away from the other nest. Notice I said “was”. This year, while the Ospreys were in Miami drinking Ospritinis (shaken not pecked) and rubbing beaks with Birdashians, my employer decided to demolish all of the tanks along the lake. This demolition meant one of the nesting spots was removed permanently. In the long run, the demolition is for the best. In the interim, Barney/Fred and Betty/Ethel were evicted.

Brian and I watched anxiously as the Ospreys returned this year post tank removal. Eventually, Brian found the new nest (featured in today’s photo). It’s a happy ending! I almost cried when I saw the photo. The new residence is an upgrade. I told Brian we needed to start calling them George and Weezy ‘cause THEY ARE MOVING ON UP (nicer/higher crib). What on Earth made them choose this spot? Did they fly around like the TV show House Hunters on HGTV considering the locale? It’s incredible to me and inspiring. These birds definitely are not taking our shit. They’re persevering.

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