Happy Spray

Day 330
Listening to: Faith
Thought for the day: “Be yourself. No one can say you’re doing it wrong.” ~Snoopy


When your head is stuck in a sadosphere, ya just have to pull out the “happy spray” and get rid of that layer of atmosphere. I liken it to using Aqua Net in the 80s to achieve big hair. You know. The hair so big it’s a ceiling-fan hazard? Big hair equals happiness equals killing off half of the ozone with one can of hairspray. If you’re a big-haired child of the 80s, you’ll get the analogy. If you’re not, stick with me. The translated version is I’m still experiencing extreme bouts of sadness concerning my coworker (see yesterday). I knew when I got home today I had to do something that brings me joy. My choice of “happy spray?” I decided to take Pearl for a ride. She knows the word “ride” and when she hears it she goes bezerk. We first went to the vet to get her nails clipped and then to Sonic to share a plain cheeseburger. I cannot tell you how happy she was which in turn made me happy. Today’s photo is of us patiently waiting for our cheeseburger. Pearl’s manners were worthy of royalty………… well except for the drooling part.

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