An Airbrushed Throwback Thursday

Day 332
Listening to: Hungry Like the Wolf
Thought for the day: I am not fat, I am a Nutritional Overachiever.


YO! It’s #ThrowbackThursday. Nothing says “throwback” like a photo of one’s self at 15-years of age sporting a good ole fashioned air-brushed t-shirt. I thought I was fat at this age. Then again, I’ve always thought I was fat. I bet when my mom gave birth to me instead of crying, I screamed, “I’m faaaaaat.” It makes sense though because my mom was prescribed diet pills when she was preggos with me (my older bro weighed 11 lbs…….whew). Always thinking I’m fat is probably what has kept me within 15 lbs one way or the other since I was 2-years old. What I find really strange is that I don’t judge other’s bodies based on my own self-perception. I guess that’s normal. I look forward to being 75, seeing photos of myself at 45, and thinking, “wow you really weren’t that fat.”

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