Take Me To the Carnival NOW!

Day 353
Listening to: I Like That Old Time Rock and Roll
Thought for the day: The world is so fast that there are days when the person who says it can’t be done is interrupted by the person who is doing it.


This is the day the Lord hath made, and THANK GOD THAT MY KIDS ARE GROWN! Today’s photo is of a carnival that was set up for the employees of Fiberweb, the company next to the DuPont facility that pays my light bill. This property was originally owned by DuPont but DuPont couldn’t make it profitable. Fiberweb bought the property and business, moved in, made it work, and now they’re buying more of DuPont’s land………………. and celebrating BIG.

If my kids were young, I would have to avoid driving past this locale at all costs. First, they’d want to go. Second, they wouldn’t understand that it’s not open to the public. It’s a bit cruel to parents of young children living in the village who haphazardly drive past the facility not knowing. Bless all of you. I have experienced the “TAKE ME TO THAT CARNIVAL NOW!” tantrum. It is not pleasant

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