If the #TWSS Universe Implodes, I Apologize

Day 354
Listening to:  Power of Love
Thought for the day: That’s what she said.


Today’s photo is of Kevin. Yes. He is reloading the freezer with Nutty Buddies. It’s no accident he’s one of my favorites. Kevin’s nickname is “Head.”  His nickname is “Head” because; well, look at that head. This is the second time for me to write about Kevin this week. I’d say I’m afraid he might get the big head, but well……..I can’t. Plus, I’d use “Head” in place of Kevin every time I talk about him, but it sounds dirty and there would be too many “that’s what she said” responses.   The #TWSS universe might implode. I’m serious here.

I snapped this shot of Kev during the mechanic’s break. The conversation was lively. Super Dave had stolen Big Jim’s strawberries. All hell had broken loose. I broke out some judgment on them and was promptly reminded I had one time smashed another mechanics pile of crackers in one fell swoop (thus earning me the title “cracker whacker” – #TWSS). The conversation quickly changed from food thievery and smashing to the woman who had an hour earlier jumped off the nearby Old Hickory Bridge. Kevin said if he decided to jump off a bridge he’d make sure to do something spectacular……….. like a cannonball or triple lindy with a half twist (he didn’t say that – I made it up – but he meant it).  Then Kevin started a story, “Oh man. One time I went off a high dive…………………………”  He quickly stopped. I was glued on him like a fly on a cheeseburger. Then he looked at me and emphatically said, “I’m not telling you this story because you’ll write about it.”  I said, “COME ON KEVIN!” He clammed up like an oyster making a pearl.

Kevin will probably never talk to me again, but this goes to show that I love the mechanics and will write about the humor anyway I can.   They SINCERELY should have their own reality show.  I’m so grateful for how much they make me laugh. It keeps me from wanting to jump off a bridge.

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