If I Had Sideburns

Day 355
Listening to: Without Love
Thought for the day: Rented van $75, Trip with son to Grandma’s House $20, getting told I drive like an old woman – priceless.


If I ever wanted to know what I would look like with sideburns and goatee, all I needed to do today was look to my right (today’s photo). I spent today with my son, Wes. He’s like me in more ways than just appearance.

Though it looks like we hijacked a police cruiser and are living a mother-son version of Thelma and Louise, we’re actually on our way to my mom’s house in a rented U-Haul cargo van. My mom and step dad decided their fairly new Lay-Z-Boy chairs were not working for them, so they gave the chairs to Wes and his roommate. I helped him move the chairs to his rental house. Much to our surprise, my mom and step dad also gave Wes a John Deere lawnmower. It’s now official. Wes has a nicer lawnmower than I have EVER had. Then again, I’m a girl. I always buy what is cheap and not what is best when it comes to lawn equipment. Thanks Mom and Ron!

My favorite conversation with Wes today went like this:

Wes: You brake like an old woman.
Me: How’s that.
Wes: Well. You’re like braaaaaaaaaaaake pause pause brake pause brake brake pause brake.
Me: Great. Usually you’re complaining about my windshield wiper use.
Wes: I don’t even have windshield wipers on my car anymore.
Me: uggggh.

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