Keep Calm and Shed On

Day 356
Listening to: Written All Over Your Face
Thought for the day: Keep Calm and Shed On


I have been thinking about opening up a toupee’ factory for fur challenged pooches. Pearl sheds about 1,000 pounds of hair a day; it could be a profitable business. Of course, then this happened (today’s photo). This is what came out of my vacuum. Holy balls of yarn! I should expand my vision! This ball of hair would make nice yarn. I could make Pearl girl sweaters! Not only would a Labrador sweater be warm, but it would also shed water. PLUS….. you could get a rug for your head to match.

All kidding aside………. Pearl is really showing her age. She’s not handling the heat at all. Even Christian is seeing it. She asked me earlier this week if we could stuff Pearl when she dies. I try not to think about it, but it’s difficult. It’s the moments I think of her dying that the crazy takes over and I really do consider saving a ball of hair like this one and making something out of it. I DIDN’T SAVE IT…….. but I did think about it.

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