X+Y=I Can’t Count

Day 358
Listening to: Double Vision
Thought for the day: Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from. ~Jodie Foster


The lowest grade I ever received on a test during high school was a 2. That’s right. A TWO. I dipped my toe into this F- squared territory on an Algebra II word-problem test (Fast Eddie gave me this score for those of you who remember him). Why am I telling you this? Today should really be 362 on the countdown, but it’s not. Friday is my birthday and should be 365. In more entry than one, I miscounted. It’s okay though because on my 18th birthday (today’s photo), the cake decorator misspelled my name. Of course at the time, I was trying to pass off Khriss as the correct spelling. Everyone was confused. My teachers tolerated me. My Algebra II teacher was probably gave me a 2 for spelling my name correctly………..Kris.

My equation? If the number of days Kris is supposed to write = y and the number of days Kris misses the count by = x then x+y = Kris is a dumbass and should have to write until she reaches 365.

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