Keep Calm & Call the Doctor

Day 360
Listening to: She’s A Bad Mama Jama
Thought for the day: Keep Calm and Call the Doctor! Doctor Who? Doctor Who!


Most of the people in my life are very giving and thoughtful. There is one person, however, whose consistency is proving to be stellar. Surprisingly enough, I’ve only been in the presence of this person maybe 4 times in my life (due to the fact she lives in California) which makes this giftacular behavior even better. I’m talking about my sister-in-law, Liz. It’s difficult to imagine loving someone you haven’t really spent much time with, but I love Liz with all my heart. Aside from the fact that she rescued my little brother from a shady future, when it comes to me, the sister, her thoughtfulness is a God-send. Today, I received my first birthday gift and it was from her. Despite not having the familiarity of those who have entered my life hundreds of times, she knows me. I regret not living closer to her. I’m fairly certain we’d be best friends if we did. I’m hopeful that I’ll get to spend more time with her someday. Maybe some L.A. boy will sweep me off my feet. :-D Happy birthday eve to me.

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