The Michelangelos of Meat


What we have here are the three wise mechanics of grilling.   When it comes to grilling, they see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil.  Grilling is pure art for them.  They are the Michelangelos of meat.

Today was grill-out day at work. Conversation around the grill never fails to make laugh.  The talk around the grill today was about fireworks since Kevin is the Donald Trump of firework sales.  Every year, he gives me a firework. I’m like his charity case. Last year he gave me a firework called “Highway to Hell.”  This year?

Me: You should see the firework Kevin gave me.  It’s called, “My Favorite Martian.”

Cliff: What does it do?

Me: It EMITS SHOWERS OF SPARKS……..yes all caps.

Kevin: KB there’s no telling what will come out of that thing.

Me: Maybe it’ll shoot out a boyfriend. I have dated some real aliens ya know.

Cliff: Mexicans?

Me:  NO!!  Weirdos

Kevin: You know there is a firework named The Energizer. It lasts for 5 minutes.

Me: (giggling)  What made you think of that?

Kevin. KB. I don’t know, but look. Check it out. I have smoke bombs that last 5 minutes. I’m going to set off a few, crank up Metallica, and begin my firework show. Nobody will have a clue what I’m doing and then BAM!

Dear Lord, please let Kevin survive July 4th with all 10 fingers and at least one eye.

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