Patience of a Pearl


Wherever I go, people ask me, “How is Pearl?”  Pearl has good days and bad days, but she seems happy for the most part. Our daily progressions through the neighborhood are laboriously slow. Paint dries in the time it takes us to walk the block.  On the bad days she has to take a rest and I stand by her meditating, creating, and basically planning world domination.  Sometimes I sit down with her like in this photo.  Today as we were slowly progressing down the home stretch one of my elder neighbors sitting in a rocking chair on his porch said, “You sure are patient with your dog.” I smiled and replied without hesitation, “She is my best friend. She deserves my patience. I hope that when I’m her age someone will be patient with me.”  The neighbor smiled knowingly.  Truth is, if Pearl has taught me nothing else, she has taught me patience.  Now, if only I could figure out how to apply Pearl-like patience to the other areas of my life.

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