The Intergalactic Bee

SAMSUNG Like putting a period on the end of a sentence, Mother Earth put a heart in my path at the end of my day today.  I think it was more of a peace offering than anything. For the first time since my childhood, I was stung by a bee. Not just once.  Twice. There is nothing like a bee making up for lost time.  Operation “Sting Kris” occurred while I was mowing the yard. I had my earphones crammed in my ears, was singing Van Halen and thinking about eating fried green tomatoes with Liam Neeson when it happened.  The first sting wasn’t so bad.  The bee, however, as if trying to hitch a ride on an intergalactic space ship traveling through the bee universe then latched on to my leg. The pain was intense. I let go of the mower’s safety handle and started hopping around the yard yelping like a bratty 5-year old.  The bee eventually gave up the battle and dislodged itself.  I immediately became aware of every tiny detail in my surroundings. It then dawned on me that pain forces us to pay homage to the moment and be in it.  Pain, whether it be physical or emotional, is sometimes necessary.  With that in mind I restarted the lawnmower, soldiered through, and finished the yard Liam Neeson-free……… fantasies and totally in the moment.  I wonder. If I had not been stung, would I have even seen the heart?

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