Fablabulous in 2014 – A Dog’s List of Positive Affirmations

Day 1
Listening to: Calling All Angels
Thought for the day: New moon. New day. New month. New year. NEW 365 – Season 3!!! Let’s do this!


Pearl, the Fab Lab, isn’t dead or even playing dead. She’s rolling in the grass. My goal for our outing today was to make a list of 2014 positive affirmations while she checked out the local smells. As I sat down to begin writing my list, she plopped down beside me and began to roll. I opened my notebook and wrote, “2014 – The Year of Renewal and Restoration.” Then I stopped and looked at Pearl who was 100% engaged in enjoying the moment. I suddenly lost my focus and began pearlificating (Pearl’s version of pontificating) what her positive affirmation list would say if she could make one. You know what? It turns out, Pearl’s list would work for me too. Well. Sort of.

2014 – The Year to be Fablabulous
by Pearl, the Fab Lab

I am awesome.

Greg the Jack Russell doesn’t like me. His loss.

I will embrace treatmentia. Too many treats today will be forgiven and forgotten tomorrow.

Kibble, a warm fluffy bed, car rides, an occasional cheeseburger, and plenty of cat “deposits” to sample in my neighborhood…………I am blessed.

If I want to roll on the pavement in the middle of the road and moan loudly, I don’t care what the humans think. Life is good.

I know the Postman and all cats are evil aliens sent to Earth to destroy civilization as we know it. I am smart.

I can pass gas without my human knowing what hit her. I am talented.

I protect my human from crickets and flying bugs. Our life is secure.

The doctors said I need surgery. I’m still chasing cats. I can overcome the odds.

Stress never robs me of a good nap or two or three. I am at peace.

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