It’ll Make You Forget Your Name

Day 29
listening to: Boys of Summer
thought for the day: The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep. ~W. C. Fields (happy birthday W.C.)

SAMSUNG Wednesday Night Dinner Club*** – Pomodora East –

HAPPY BLOCK OF CHEESE DAY!! BOCD was made popular by an episode of West Wing which proclaimed Andrew Jackson kept a two-ton block of cheese in the foyer of the White House as a populist symbol; anyone who was hungry could pop in to the White House for a quick bite to eat. Of course the true story is a tad bit different (Google it if you’re curious). Still. It is a day and it is glorious. Did I celebrate by eating cheese tonight? OF COURSE! I ate a margherita pizza and it was awesome. You cannot go wrong with fresh mozzarella! Obviously, this is not a photo of my pizza. THIS, my friends, was brought to our table to go with the pre-dinner bread. You have to ask for it. It’s not their usual bread dipping goo. It’s some kind of lemon butter sprinkled with magic and a little something, something. It will make you forget your name. Pomodora East is a wonderful restaurant and one of those places that feels like a warm sweater on a cold fall day. It doesn’t hurt that they have a FABULOUS appetizer and cocktail happy hour.

***Wednesday Night Dinner Club – a group of people I eat dinner with ever Wednesday who are loving, loud, and always make me laugh. I grew up in a split family and never experienced eating dinner as a family at a table. This is my reward. The group has been in existence since the 1990s. I joined in 2009.

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