Goodbye Christmas 2013

Day 31
Listening to : Your Kiss Is On My List
Thought for the day: Goodbye Christmas 2013! You were good to me this year. Thank you.


Last week at this time there were hundreds of discarded Christmas trees at my local recycle site. Today there were none. Though the trees had been removed, the sky around the site clung to the scent of Christmas like an aging person trying to cling to their youth. The smell of pine was overwhelming and I was flooded with memories of my own holiday as I inhaled the heady scent. It made me wonder. How many memories went to the chipper with these discarded trees (mine was among them)? How many memories are now lost forever? How many people were sad to say goodbye to their tree? How many think the chipper was the proper place for Christmas 2013? So many questions, but here’s the main one. What if you could download everything your Christmas tree saw or everything you felt during the holidays. Would you want this option?

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