I Would Not Survive the Zombie Apocolypse – Proof

Day 52
Listening to: Gimme Shelter
Thought for the day: today’s photo is of me zombified and that is what is on my mind.


I had a crazy night last night. Here is how it all unfolded.

(times are approximate)

8:30 – storm began
8:45 – lost power
Me: Power will be back on in a few. I’m not moving my happy butt off this couch.
8:50-tornado sirens began – power still out
Me: Okay. I’ll move my happy butt into my safe spot (my kitchen – no windows).
8:55 – tornado sirens still going off – storm sounded like it was ripping my house a part (it was)
Me: Man. This sucks. Wait. I have an open bottle of wine in here somewhere.
9:15 – worst had passed – power still out
9:30 – power still out
Me: Good grief I’m bored. Maybe I’ll meditate.
(At some point I fell asleep.)
12:00 power back on – transformers exploding –power back off – I was awake now
Me: I better check on Carson kitty (he lives on my porch).
(I looked outside and everything I own that is yard-related was in the street. We’re talking heavy stuff. I went outside in my socks and retrieved it all.)
12:15: back inside – no power
Me: I better try to go to sleep
12:30 – 2:00 – no power – toss, turn, power on, power off, toss, turn, toss, turn
2:00 – power back on – transformers exploding again –power off
Me: MAN. I’m hungry. I really want one of those frozen chicken sandwiches in my freezer. No. Go back to sleep.
2:15 –power back on – transformers exploding again – power off
Me: OMG. I REAAAAAAAALLLLLY want one of those frozen chicken sandwiches. Mr. Electricity, I swear I’ll eat frozen chicken sandwiches all weekend long if you’ll just come back on.
2:30 – no power
Me: That’s it. A PBJ will have to do.
3:00 – PBJ consumed. I went back to bed and finally fell asleep with the power still out and the following thought:
6:00 – power back on – I took Pearl out for her morning walk only to discover my roof had blown up in places and looked like it was saluting the morning sun and a very large chunk of my siding was missing (found in a neighbor’s yard a block away). I smiled, thanked God, and said ……………….IT’S FROZEN CHICKEN SANDWICH TIME!!!!

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