Cameraderie for All

Day 55
Listening to: Burn
Thought for the day: Thank you for filling the world with laughter Harold! #RIPHarold Ramis.


If you missed it, Alec Baldwin issued an editorial yesterday in New York Magazine declaring he’s done with public life and the media. In one section he complained that everyone has camera phones and the level of intrusiveness is unparalleled to anything we’ve ever known. Before you say, “that’s what he gets for being famous,” think about the phenomena “People of Walmart.” Intrusion is not confined to celebrities. We’re all just one embarrassing act away from having our photo plastered on some website exploiting trips, slips, and falls. I get Alec’s point and often lament about the days when life was sans technology. On the flip side, my own camera phone has a ton of my life recorded on it. There are hundreds of moments I captured and forgot. I love going back and rediscovering these forgotten moments. Today’s photo is one of those moments. This photo was taken before a Titans game. I have no idea who this woman is. We struck up a friendship standing in line at the Port-O-Potty. It was her first Titans game and she was beyond excited. I thought she was a really cool person in her appearance and personality (her pants and shoes matched the glasses). I originally didn’t share the photo because I’m paranoid about my forehead capable of contacting distant planets when the sun hits it just right. I’m over myself for now and am sharing it. With Alec Baldwin in mind, I wonder if this woman would feel violated that I’m posting this. I hope not. This was truly a fun moment for me.

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