Kicking a Childhood Mental Ghost’s Ass

Day 57
Listening to: Spill Wine
Thought for the day; Who knew finding out the word “quire” is a word could be so funny?


Last night was the third Tuesday in a row I’ve participated in Taco Tuesday at Houston’s Armadillo Grill, a neighborhood restaurant. My Taco Tuesday company has consisted of neighbors, Brandy and Weldon, who have quickly become good friends. The last two Tuesdays, we just ate, laughed, and then laughed some more. Things were different this time. When we sat down with our food, Weldon informed me that we were going to play Quiddler, a game similar to Scrabble but with cards. I broke out in a small sweat. I fear and loathe games. This fear and loathing stems back to my childhood when I played games with my older brother. I always lost. It was always ugly. Though not my brother’s fault, I allowed the persistent losing to affect me and it never really left me. Brandy and Weldon knew this going into last night. They handled me with kid gloves. Today’s photo is the first hand I was dealt. You know me. I’m all about signs. The JOY was all I needed to let go of my game angst and have fun. Yes, I lost, but not by much and for some reason I actually felt like a winner for kicking a childhood mental ghost’s ass. When the night was over and we said our goodbyes, we all hugged. In that moment I felt TOTAL joy for life allowing Brandy and Weldon’s paths to intersect with mine. I can’t wait to play Quiddler again!

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