No Room for a Discourteous Man

Day 58
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Thought for the day: Does courteous have a look?


Earlier in the week, I promised Michael L. Cox, an old high school friend who is currently in Afghanistan, that I would post something about the1918 Old Hickory gunpowder plant built to supply ammunition during WWI. There is no better time than Throwback Thursday to fulfill such a promise.

At first I was going to write something about fires or ammunition because that is Mike’s expertise, but basically the gunpowder produced in the few months the powder plant operated ended up never being used. As for fires, yes there were fires, but the details are not very entertaining. I decided instead to post something that made me say, “What the #(*%?” On the left is an article from the November, 23 1918 “Old Hickory News”. I wanted to post a photo of some of the male powder plant employees alongside the article. At first I was going to post a photo of the DuPont executives because I’m brainwashed like many into thinking a man in a business suit is always courteous. Yeah, we all know that isn’t necessarily the case. Then it struck me. How can you tell looking at someone’s clothing if they are courteous? Does courteous have a look? I ended up using a photo of the civil engineers. Civil? Get it? It is possible that one of these civil engineers wasn’t very civil. For me, courteous first reveals itself in another person via a warm smile. That’s how I remembering seeing Mike last……… smiling………….and he was very courteous.

Thank you Mike for your service to our country and thank you to your family and friends who support you and keep you motivated!

Photo: Hagley Museum

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