Warning to Reducing Woman

Day 60
Listening to: Der Kommissar
Thought for the day: Lamb chops and pineapple…pineapple and lamb chops…lamb chops and pineapple…there is no Santa Clause for the woman trying to reduce. ~ Listerine Ad – The American Review of Reviews – April 1928


I’m sitting here trying to think of someone that I know who has never been on a diet. I can’t think of anyone. If you’ve never set out to “reduce” yourself, raise your hand. On second thought doing so might bring fire and brimstone down upon you as those of us who think we’re lard asses give you the stink eye. Me? I’ve been a reducing woman since I was in the womb…………probably. I think I’m more on a denial diet these days though. I’ll run/walk five miles and then eat a pack of Oreos. I never gain, but I never lose either. Still, I’m in a constant state of attempted reduction. Maybe I need to buy some Listerine.

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