Day 69
Listening to: Don’t You Forget About Me
Thought for the day: It takes a long time to become young. ~Pablo Picasso


Today is my dear friend, Jo Ann Hood’s birthday. If I could give her Brad Pitt for her birthday, I would. This photoshopped photo will have to do. Besides, we don’t want to experience the wrath of Angie I mean; did you see her in Tomb Raider or Salt? Yeah.

I’m writing about Jo Ann today not just because it’s her birthday but also because becoming her friend taught me an extremely valuable life lesson. Thirty years ago, I said I “hated” her, yet, I didn’t KNOW her. I passed judgment about her character based on hearsay and assumption. Then, I got to know her. I absolutely adore her. Her friendship is a constant reminder to me to be careful what I think and feel towards people that I don’t know.

Happy Birthday Jo Jo! I hope you enjoy your Brad moment.

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