Flowers and Photobombs

Day 73
Listening to: Symphony No. 96, The Miracle – Joseph Haydn
Thought for the day: Earth laughs in flowers. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Though my daughter is 21, occasionally I get a glimpse of the little girl in her I use to know. She picked these flowers for me just like she use to pick flowers for me when she was 5. It was unexpected and extremely sweet. There is more to this photo than her gift of flowers though. This is what you call a reverse photo bomb and the two of us were plotting the whole time she posed with the flowers to capture the guy behind her. He was a Chaning Tatum look alike and worthy of capturing in a photo for all eternity! It’s just too bad he didn’t realize what we were up to and photo bomb us back. Still this moment that was captured will always make me laugh which makes her gift of flowers even better.

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