The Houghton House Brick

Day 75
Listening to: Stay
Thought for the day: I put my big girl panties on today and did something that has initiated something good that terrifies me. Pray for me please!


These are the ruins of Houghton House. Built in 1615, the house was said to be the model for House Beautiful in John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. The ruins are located in Bedford, UK near my Dad and Pauline’s home. I didn’t go there this weekend unfortunately. Actually, it’s been awhile since I’ve been there, but the house came up in several conversations in the past few days. I’ve chosen to write about it because let’s face it; I sat on the couch all day.

I had an experience at the site of the Houghton House ruins that I’ve never replicated and will never forget. It was an experience of extreme peace and solitude. I cannot explain it. The feeling was so strong that I picked up a broken-off brick and brought it home with me. It sits in my kitchen on my stove. I often look at the brick and feel guilty for removing it. Other times I wonder if the brick is cursed because I removed it (think Brady Bunch and the tiki necklace the boys found in Hawaii). I think the brick needs to go back. I’m wondering if a Kickstarter request would help make it happen. I’ll probably get arrested taking it back. Regardless, if I die in my sleep tonight, y’all just know that piece of brick that sits on top of my stove is not just any old brick.

Photo credit: English Heritage Foundation

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